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Episode 29:

The Recap Episode

In this weeks episode, Draye is going to recap some of the most popular episodes of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast that you may have missed.
This episode will catch you up with some of the most downloaded episodes and share the highlights of each of these episodes with you.
You'll learn how to better manage your calendar and create time-restrictions that end up giving you more freedom. You'll also learn some key insights to protect your reputation online and how to gain more positive 5-star reviews.
There are plenty of other amazing insights in this weeks recap episode, and we can't wait for you to listen to it! 
Episode 28:

Your first year as a solo

Whether you’re already a solo attorney or an individual who is considering hanging up their shingle and starting their own law practice, your first year as a solo is such a big deal because it is make it or break it time.

Going out on your own can be terrifying, so it is important to not over complicate things at first. You don’t want to be struck with analysis paralysis.

It is important to keep in mind you don't have to have all the bells and whistles built in when starting out, that will all come in due time once you know you can engage clients.

In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss your first year as a solo and how you can cover your bases, hang up your shingle, focus on lead gen strategies, and scale your law firm.
Episode 27:

Smart Drugs and Nootropics

What if there was something out there that could potentially alleviate stress, while making you more productive?

What could a product like that potentially do for your life and business?

Many attorneys have turned to pharmaceutical drugs in the past such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse. These are some of the most well known pharmaceuticals that help with gaining more focus and clarity.

In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss Smart Drugs and Nootropics, which provide a healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals, while helping with focus and eliminating mental fog.
Episode 26:

How to not waste your time with people who are not going to hire you

How much time are you currently spending giving out free consultations?
If you had to tally up the total number of hours you’ve spent in your career giving out free consultations to people who did NOT end up hiring you, what would that number look like?

Chances are that number is probably astronomically high.

In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss how you can implement some client engagement systems that will help you to actually get hired my more of your prospects. We will also delve into why you need to create and intake an engagement process so that you go into these meetings prepared to get hired.
Episode 25:

How to Have A Legal Website That Converts More Prospects to Clients

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rank your website?

Does your website accurately convey who you are as a firm, and what you do to your audience?
There are certain must haves that you need to have on your site in order to create differentiators from competitors, accurately convey what you specialize in, and keep visitors to your site engaged long after they’ve clicked off.
In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we focus on what needs to happen on your current website to transition it from it being a brochure about you, to creating a relationship with prospects that are considering hiring you.
Episode 24:

Legal Insurance Plans Are they worth it

What exactly are legal insurance plans?

Should clients consider them, or are they better off without them?

Understanding the ins and out of legal insurance plans so that you can take your clients through that process and they can come out more informed, educated, and empowered is imperative. Clients should choose an insurance plan with a clear knowing and a clear understanding of what that legal insurance plan doesn't actually cover.

What are the holes that are left as a result of that legal insurance plan?

In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we focus on the ins and outs, the positives, the negatives, and give you some really great insights on legal insurance plans. Taking a closer look at the best way to go about educating, informing, and empowering your clients so that they're just absolutely thrilled with the experience they've had with you.
Episode 23:

Why Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer are NOT Going To Destroy Your Business

Many attorneys are becoming increasingly concerned regarding automated online legal services such as Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer possibly overtaking the legal industry.This is a legitimate concern for not only attorneys but many industries as well. The reality is that with technology advancing at such a rapid rate, many services will become obsolete in a few years.

So how do you make sure that your law firm does not go under, and you are not replaced when this happens?

In this week's episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss how to create a clear value proposition, innovate, and differentiate yourself so that you can capitalize on this shift.
Episode 22:

How to Manage Your Time Like The Pros:

How many hours are you currently working a week?

Is it more than 40?
There are some attorney out there who are currently working 60, 70, 80 hours a week, and at the end of day, still do not feel as if they're accomplishing their goals.

Why does that happen, and is that happening to you in your own life right now?

In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we are going to be talking about time that you're probably leaking, which may be as much as five to ten hours per week, and what you can do to basically better control and manage your time on a weekly basis to buy you back more hours.
Episode 21:

Review and Reputation Management:

Studies show that 91% of people search and read reviews about local businesses online.

What are you currently doing to protect your law firm’s online reputation?

Protecting and scaling an online reputation starts with having an aggressive review acquisition strategy paired with rapid response to both positive and negative reviews. As much as 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, so managing how your business is perceived online is more important than ever. Whether you have bad reviews, good reviews, or no reviews at all it is time to take action and be more proactive when it comes how your business rank online.

In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we will cover how to gain more clients by building trust online with positive reviews.
Episode 20:

Exits and Succession Planning:

Whether you're just starting out or whether you're towards the tail end of your career, everyone will exit their business at some point.

Do you have an exit plan in place for your law practice? 

Have you set yourself up for success so that when the time comes you can transition successfully?

In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we are going to go over a few really easy strategies that you can implement, so that if the unexpected does happen to you, the business will continue on. We are also going to touch on how to set yourself up to come out on top if you decide to sell. 
Episode 19:

2018 Marketing Year in Review:

With the start of every new year, it is always important to take the time to take a step back to reflect.

Did you have any big wins this past year? What formula did you use to warrant that success, and how can you replicate it in the coming year?

In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we're going to recap all of the awesome things that have worked well in a variety of industries on the marketing front for 2018. We are also going to look back on 2018 to break apart what works and analyze to see where you succeeded, as well as where you fell short.
Episode 18:

Strategic Planning for 2019:

There is a popular adage often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Did you plan at the start of 2018? Did you achieve those goals?

We want 2019 to be your best year EVER! In order to do that, it starts with asking yourself some challenging questions. What is the exact practice model that you want to have? How much money do you want to be taking home every month? How many hours do you want to be working and what needs to happen in order for you to accomplish this?

In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we're going to be walking through a variety of ways that you can use strategic planning in your law firm to set goals, prioritize and achieve those goals, and make 2019 your best year ever.
Episode 17: 

Your Best Year Yet:

Was this year your best year yet?

What are you doing to achieve your goals in the coming year?

When you have clarity about your specific goals and desired outcomes, you are able to more effectively create a framework that makes your goals and desires easier to achieve. By bringing more intention and perspective to your goals, tracking them and using the systems that we discuss in this episode you can create immensely powerful systems that set you up for success. 

In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we get ready to wrap up the year and focus on setting you up for success, and prosperity in 2019. 
Episode 16: 

Direct Mail vs Digital Marketing:

In today’s modern age of texts, tweets, notifications, and vibrations, our attention is constantly pulled in a 1,000 different directions.

While every other lawyer is trying to compete in the crowded digital landscape, you can have an unfair advantage by using direct mail as a reliable lead generation tool. If you can get a prospect to open your piece of mail, you can captivate their attention significantly longer than a tweet or Facebook post could ever accomplish. When executed properly...
Episode 15: 

Books - The Unconventional Marketing Tool

You buy them, you read them, but how often do you write them?
In this week's episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we are going to deep dive into something we are all very familiar with, books. We will be focusing on how books can be used in your own legal practice to generate more business, establish more credibility, build rapport and gain trust.

Are you still handing out business cards? Chances are your business card will be thrown away in less than two weeks… If you give someone a book they are much less likely to throw it away because it has a greater perceived value. The more that someone consumes your content, the greater the chances are to convert them into becoming a paying client. Books are one of the easiest and most effective ways to accomplish this.
Episode 14: 

Tax Savings for 2018

Taxes. Yuck.
We all know that taxes are unavoidable. However, there are certain steps that you can take to reduce your tax exposure before the year ends. If you have not yet taken the appropriate steps to reduce your tax liability for 2018, it’s not too late! …But, you’re running out of time!

Right now is one of the most critical times of the year to get your tax planning done and set yourself up for success going into the new year.
In this episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, join us as we discuss ways to reduce some of the tax liabilities in your business, so that you can put more money back in your pocket!
Episode 13: 

Back from the Dead Campaigns:

As attorneys, we come across many prospects who enquire about our services. Some are ready to become clients on the spot, others need time to decide, and some need to be finessed. If someone does not immediately hire you, how do you follow up with them to reignite their interest in your services? Most law firms do not adequately follow up with previous prospects enough. This could be one of the easiest “wins” that you could have in your legal practice in the next week.

In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast we are going to discuss a strategy you can use to remarket and re engage all of your previous prospects and turn more of them into clients.   
Episode 12: 

Automation With Humanization:

Automation – you hear about it all the time, but what does that really mean for you? Are you worried that if you automate certain tasks inside of your law firm, that you will lose the humanization element with your clients?
In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we are going to cover how to combine automization with humanization. We will discuss a few different solutions that can create immediate impacts on your bottom line and how you can use automation to help you leverage your time and resources and essentially replicate yourself.
Episode 11: 

Metrics, Measuring, and Multiplying You:

Are you keeping track of the metrics in your law practice? Tracking metrics is important because it allows you to clearly diagnose exactly where the breakdowns are occurring in your business. This will allow you to create an action plan that tackles the exact issues without having to guess.

In this week’s episode, we are going to take a deep dive into metrics, measuring, and multiplying you as an individual and as an attorney.
Episode 10: 

Insurance for Attorneys:

If you are and want to be an Ultimate Attorney and you have your own practice, insurance should be on the top of your priorities list. We are human beings which means that mistakes happen. It is your responsibility to protect your clients and law firm by ensuring that you have the proper insurance in place if and when something happens.

Join us in this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, as we cover a variety of insurances that you may want to secure for your law firm.
Episode 9: 

How to Talk About Law So People Actually Want to Hire You:

It is imperative that you as an attorney learn how to talk to your clients about legal services and their choices in a way that informs, empowers, and educates them. 

In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we are going to learn how to cut out the jargon so that our clients better understand their options and can ultimately make better decisions. This is a game changer and can redefine how you operate inside of your practice.
Episode 8: 

Building a Team: Part 2

There is nothing worse than losing great team members and employees simply because they were not trained properly. Do you know how to train your employees so that they want to work with you? For most attorneys this is something that when implemented can have a profound effect on your law firms success.

Following up on last week’s episode, we’ll discuss different processes and metrics you can use to hire your dream team.
Episode 7: 

Building a Team: Part 1

Building a team is an absolutely crucial aspect when it comes to growing your law firm. A team that is able to work together both efficiently and effectively creates synergy within your organization – where the combined effort is greater than the sum of individual efforts. The best way to scale your law firm is to create a work environment that people want to work in.

In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we delve into best practices when hiring new team members and how to train them for success.
Episode 6: 

Why Nobody Wants to Be Your Client, Friend or Spouse

Many attorneys have a very unique way of communicating that can sometimes make it difficult for other individuals to relate to.

In this episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we'll discuss different strategies you can use that can help you to better connect and relate with the various individuals in your life including your clients, friends and significant others.
Episode 5: 

Handling Stress...

This week we’re going to tackle a conversation that will most likely resonate well with our attorney audience… STRESS! Many attorneys seem to brag that they worked 80, 90 or a 100 hours in a week, but this is simply not a sustainable model for your life and your business.

In this episode, we’ll tackle a few of the ways that you can shift the paradigm of working too much and provide you with a few ways that you can start reducing your stress levels and working less, without sacrificing your income.
Episode 4: 

All About Your Calendar...

Do you have complete control of your calendar? Or, does your calendar have control over you? 

In this episode, we're going to discuss your calendar and how you can take complete control over your calendar and your time. We'll also show you a variety of ways that you can better manage your time throughout the day so that you can become more efficient and productive in achieving your daily goals. 
Episode 3:

All About The Money...

Have you experienced peaks and valleys in your law firm's income? Everyone has!

We call that the cashflow rollercoaster and it is truly enough to make anybody sick. Many attorneys who are stuck on the cashflow rollercoaster work hard in their business and are constantly busy working for their clients, but it's often not enough...
Episode 2: 

Overcoming Overwhelm As An Attorney

The feeling of overwhelm as an attorney is an unfortunate reality for many of today's legal businesses. Managing cases, clients, business development, employees and countless other functions are enough to overwhelm even the most even-keeled of attorneys.

In this episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we'll discuss one of the most effective ways to reduce overwhelm and that is by having immense clarity
Episode 1: 

What Does It Mean To Be An Ultimate Attorney?

Welcome to the Ultimate Attorney Podcast! In this first episode, Draye & Alexis will be discussing what it means to be an Ultimate Attorney and the importance of taking an active role in your own education, betterment and personal fulfillment as an attorney.  
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Alexis Neely

Alexis graduated first in her class from Georgetown Law in 1999, and after working for three years as an associate at Munger, Tolles, and Olson, she started her law practice. Alexis built her solo law practice from scratch into a million dollar a year revenue generating law practice in just three years by creating a revolutionary New Law Business Model that she now teaches to other lawyers.
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